Earning Coins

Created: 19 September 2020, 06:29:18 EDT
Last updated: 20 October 2020, 12:32:43 EDT

When submitting prompts or claims use this guide to figure out how many coins you can claim. You can submit prompt art, or you can submit regular art/gift art you've made outside of prompts. For art & writing definitions including basic vs advanced backgrounds: Submission Guidelines 

When claiming coins, you must always include a claim breakdown in your submissions! For example:

2 fullbody +6c
2 pippets +2c
basic bg  +4c
total 12c



Art: Grown Pouflon/Vespires
Headshot/bust: 1 coin 
Fullbody or mostly fullbody: 3c 

Art: Other
Pippet: 1 coin
Baby pouflon/vespire: 1 coin

Art: Background
Basic Background: 4 coins
Advanced Background:  8 coins


  • 100-150 words: 1 coin.
    You may "bundle" short poetry to make the minimum wordcount!
  • 150-200 words: 2 coins
  • 900-1100 words: 10 coins
    • +1 coin for each additional adult pouflon with significant interaction
    • +1 coin for each additional baby pouflon/vespire or pippet with significant interaction



There is no coin claim limit for submissions.


If your pouflon has a gold calling badge equipped to them, so long as your pouflon is actively doing something in the piece related to the calling, you can claim the calling bonus. You must own the character in order to claim calling bonuses on it.

Example: A piece depicting your pouflon playing with their pippet, playing guitar, and hanging out with their friends.
Applicable Badges: Tamer, Music, and Buddy Badge.

Music calling bonus = the pouflon is playing guitar (active)
No bonus = guitar in the background behind the pouflon (inactive)

Amounts & Limits
Gold Calling Badge: +1 coin
Limits: 3 calling bonuses per pouflon per piece
(if you had 3 pouflons with 3 badge bonuses each